People Of Influence

Doctors of the Cardiovascular Institute of Central Florida The medical team at the Cardiovascular Institute of Central Florida specializes in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all diseases of the heart.…

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Varicose Veins

So what are varicose veins? Varicose veins are veins that have become twisted and enlarged near the surface of the skin. Although they can occur anywhere within the body’s veins, they…

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Bundle Up!

As we make our way to the winter months in beautiful Ocala, FL, we’re constantly reminded of the usual traditions and feelings that accompany the Autumn and Winter seasons. The…

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Exercise Is Vital To Your Heart Health

“I really love what I’m doing,” says Dr. Mikkilineni. “There is great satisfaction in helping people get healthier.”

While growing up in southern India, Mikkilineni always knew she wanted to be a physician. After earning her medical degree in internal medicine from Siddhartha Medical College in her native country, Mikkilineni moved to the United States. She enrolled at the University of Toledo for her fellowship and residency in internal medicine from 2003-2006, while still trying to decide on a specialty.

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All Heart

Ocala cardiologist Dr. Srisha Rao is so passionate about people becoming heart healthy that she’s willing to risk going out of business to achieve her goal. By JoAnn Guidry Photo…

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